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Energy management
Multiphase Flow Management
Multiphase (gas-liquid-solid) flows are present in a wide variety of phenomena in chemical processing, energy production facilities, as well as in many other systems on Earth. Nevertheless, these types of flows are not only found in applications on ground. They are also present in many space systems, such as thermal control, propulsion, power generation and energy storage, wastewater management, and many other Environmental Control and Life Support Systems (ECLSS) required for the development of space exploration. Sometimes multiphase flows appear naturally by the activity carried out in a mission (e.g. wastewater). In other cases (e.g. thermal management), multiphase flows are especially interesting since their lighter weight make them more convenient than one-phase flows. In all cases, the absence of the buoyancy force in the microgravity environment makes the task of managing multiphase flows specially challenging. Hence, specific technologies different to those used on Earth are required to support long duration space missions. Therefore, the study of the behaviour of multiphase flows in microgravity conditions is an active field of research. We are currently working in the following projects: